Zoetrope backgrounds using iron-on transfers

After the false start with the Océ, I started to go down a different path with my project. After experimenting with code and post-processing for a while, I realised that it would still be valuable to at least test my original concept, even if I have to do it on a budget.

So this afternoon I tried using commercially available iron-on transfers, used for creating cheap custom t-shirts.

The first problem I faced was that all the embroidered discs I have previously created have a diameter of 25cm. This means that for each disc I need to print two sheets, then cut and align them perfectly onto the fabric.

Unfortunately, I was a bit too eager to get the process underway and ignored one of the instructions. I failed to realise that the surface must be flat, even flatter that typical ironing boards which have undulations in their surface for ventilation. This resulted in small pockets of air bubbling and preventing the transfer from sticking completely.

My second problem was that I didn’t include enough registration marks. This made it very difficult to align the two transfers correctly and resulted in a slightly wonky print.

Finally, I allowed for a slight overlap between each print to prevent a stark white gap dissecting the design. As it turns out, when the transfer gel overlaps, it blends together to create a darker and murky print.

Each of these issues are lessons for my next session. Hopefully correcting these will give me a better result.